About Us

Brand History: Found in 2013 through multiple channels to fine personalised and feeling good products, founders of premier review sites consolidated all their review and branded it as “Adolyga” with a tag line “fine things reviewed here”.

Adolyga in welsh language means “review”, as a matter of fact couldn’t find the revenant synonyms of review words available for registration and adolyga just clicked.

We provided independent and non biased reviews of products and services across all segments, primarily things which make us feel good.  Mentored by Shaily Singh (Rougepouts.com), our team does in-depth technical, sentimental, market value and user value assessment on pre defined parameters.

We currently provide in-depth reviews in four segments, fashion & beauty, food & drinks, travel & beyond and Health & Fitness. All the services and products falling under different market segments can be reviewed on request basis.