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Quite a delayed review but nonetheless would still count, its never too late for honest reviews. Big Basket has gone through the testing times, survived the startup adrenaline rush and is successfully, I am not going to comment on financial aspects of the organisation in this post but will take a look at the app in detail. This app is supposed to be the bread & butter of the organisation.

Key Facts:

  • Developer: Supermarket Grocery Supplies
  • Launch Date: 2015
  • Last update: Feb 8th, 2017
  • Size: 37.1 mb
  • Platform: iOS & Android

Navigation and Features:

With Sharukh on home page but its bound to attractive, no, it doesn’t gets me biased though. The home page has option which regular grocery shopper could ask for, neatly designed and well placed categories.  Availability of deliver timeline right on the front page based on your location is catchy, makes your life easier, I think this is the best part of the tool.  I do have a wish list and that will come at the end of blog.

Very neat app to begin with, easy to scroll down & up and navigate. Performance of any app must be assessed from the time taken to install and its readiness.  I have been personally using it from last one year and had instances where it was uninstalled & reinstalled, very smooth process to get it back up & running.

Special categories are neatly planned and can be very lucrative for food lovers, sweet section was added recently

Category management is critical for any market place (offline or online) and big basket has been able to get it right. I have never experienced misplaced items in category or items not belonging to a category. BB special categories is unique and attractive, manages to indulge you in food extravaganza, I haven’t tried bakery, meat or flower shops though. If you tried, do let us know your experience.

Each month Big basket will bring exclusive offer, probably nothing unique but good value for money benefits.

Login &  History Tracking

Account management is also hassle free, does not logs you out, this one of the biggest problems with apps these days, they boot you out often, Bigbasket has got it right.  Smart basket options is star, I simply love it. It’s based on predictive analysis, a nascent one though, keeps a track of your purchase and recommend when you may run out of it.  Trust a lot more can be done for customer experience but we are not complaining either.

Shop from order options lets choose items from your previous order, extremely effective way to manage your grocery cart.

Order & Checkout Experience

Seamless, lets you add item without any hassle and shows the count of items on the screen, a lot of apps have this problem, you click on add button and keep thinking whether it’s really been added.  You also have the option to choose items in 2-4 weight segments, you can choose as per your family size. The express deliver time highlighted on each items makes it truly consumer friendly.

Once you are done with the order cart, the delivery slots options available can be little confusing and this my personal experience. May be better visual representation is required for distinguish what’s coming when and which options to choose.

The standard BSAVES is good, flat 5% discount on Rs 1500, I have seen offer almost every time I order.

Last screen gives you description of Payment options, by far, Big basket has the most exhaustive list of payment option. Once you have selected the payment option, big basket places your order first and does not really waits for actual payout and I must say, this is risky yet clever proposition and they have positioned smartly.


Once the order has been placed, Big basket gives you the option to either continue shopping or pay now.  The best part of the app is ability to pay after your order has been placed and you can do it anytime, majority of the grocery app will force you to pay upfront or simply select COD.

Cancellation Process

You cant get a customer align with you unless you give them a clean exit option, Big basket app can certainly be improved on this barometer. For a new user it will take time to figure out the cancellation process, for iOS you need to slide the screen towards left to see Cancel Order section and it took some time for me to figure out.  Make it more visible for user to get more confidence in the process.


Consumer will always ask for more and providers are continuously look for this feedback, here is a list out or wishlist from the bigbasket

  1. Give option to pay through Sodexo, extremely useful for service class
  2. Help us set a budget in the app and let alert when its exceeds, I understand this will go beyond your business model but I am certain customer will be happy
  3. Send consumer a followup email recommending what were best ways to save money from your last order, how could we have used your offers effectively
  4. Need to healthy food segment, special raw food, we need to make some smart and quick decision
App Review - BigBasket
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Navigation
  • Customer Centricity


Highly impressed with the app, best in its class. Big basket has come a long way in designing this app, it has reached stability and gives new level of confidence to customers.

They continue to give great options to shop through app, bringing the grocery store closer to you!

5 thoughts on “App Review – Big Basket, The Online Grocery Store

  1. Big basket is a shitty place from where u can order anything.. their products, services, customer care ppl everything is pathtic, I would not recommend anybody to use big basket app or order from there, I REGRET ORDERING FROM BIG BASKET!!

  2. I was going to try app but after Anjali neg review. I will stick to tried and true. I like to see my food. Before I buy it. I’m very choosey in what I consider acceptable. Having worked in the grocery business. And I know for a fact. That buying for or filling someone else order is a job. And the faster you get things done the happier your boss is. As far as quality of product. Well that was always a question. My opinion … my bosses opinion. Or the customer. I was paid by grocery company as was my boss. So I guess you can figure out who comes last in the equation. It just business.

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