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In mid of 2015, zomato launched its online food order app, as an extension of The last couple of months hasn’t really been exciting for the online/app-based food ordering app, a majority of them shut shops but zomato has survived and is here for a long run.

Today, we will take a look atzomato’s online food ordering app in detail, I am writing this review probably after using it for almost 6 months so it will be a great story.  Our consumer-focused app reviews are completely focused on the experience and not the product, you may have a completely hi-tech app but it’s of no use unless a non-techie person can operate it with ease.

Key Facts:

  • Developer: Zomato Media Pvt Ltd.
  • Launch Date: May-2015
  • Size: 34.7 Mb
  • Platform: iOS & Android

Navigation and Features:    Very user-friendly app, the moment you log in, you really get introduced to the food world at a click of a button. Basis your location, zomato gives you a list of restaurants and the top of the listing, it has categorized outlet basis food type which is extremely friendly. The other alternative to find your food is to use search string.  I can also choose my saved address and get the food delivered from the restaurants in that locality irrespective of where I am currently.

The bar at the bottom (above pic) further helps consumer for easier navigation. App also options to connect with customer service team for a various reason and I have been pretty impressed with the response, although, at times, you do want to talk to somebody rather than chat.

Login &  History Tracking:   On and off you would encounter few issues but it has been fairly good, customer history tracking so crucial, for both, service providers and users. Through history tab, you can actually keep a track of what has been ordered and the app also gives an option to repeat your order.  It also reflects details of your last bill, you can easily compare on what you had paid and what you are paying now.

Order & Checkout Experience:  Extremely happy to see how the app has progressed on this front, no duplicate order issues, most common problem.  With some of these apps, you end up ordering an item twice and you can get to know on the final screen, zomato in comparison has been stable. Tracking of your order can be really satisfying and a majority of the time, it’s under commit and over deliver.  What really makes this app remarkable is real time tracking, the moment you order is accepted by restaurant, you will get to see delivery status on screen and  I presume, this has  beenadopted from Dominos online order.


Did you know, you can play games on zomato while waiting for your order, how cool is that! 

The first screen before the actual order is a great enabler for a decision making for a foodie, app upfront tells about the user rating of the restaurant along with order critical information ( extra changes, minimum order, time to deliver, etc).


Billing screen has been properly categorized under 4 segments, this is extremely user-friendly.  Each category will list the default option and you have the opportunity to change it easily.  Current categories; Cash on Delivery, Debit & Credit Cards, Netbanking & Wallets.

Cancellation Process:  I spoke about the importance of a smooth cancellation process in big basket review, zomato has made it easier, very smooth order cancellation process and you can get your money instantly back in zomato wallet for your next order.

Performance & Stability:  Has drastically improved in last few months, initial I did encounter few issues. Once you have placed the order, the app won’t give you a confirmation, it was showing error with the order. You get the confirmation through text message, rest of tracking were fine. I haven’t seen this happening in last few weeks, hope they have fixed it permanently.

App Review - Zomato Online Order
  • Navigation and Features:
  • Login & History Tracking
  • Order & Checkout Experience
  • Cancellation Process
  • Performance & Stability


One of the best in business, app can be further optimised to give users specific recommendations on food based on user data & behaviour analysis but that’s an ask, in the current context, its solving the purpose though.

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