Beer Brands Across The World Gets Football World Cup Flavour

With 125 million people only in India watching the games, the FIFA World 2014 is all set to break most watched broadcast ever. With millions people hooked to their television set at home or the nearest pub, beer brands want to capitalize the global culture of beer & football.

Series of new lables and beer brands have lauched across the global to attract customer by giving it football world cup flavor.

Budweiser: Budweiser being the official associated with 2014 FIFA World Cup leads the race through One Rise campaign. Budweiser has developed new, limited edition World Cup packaging, including an aluminum, trophy-style bottle, which will be available across more than 40 countries. Additional limited edition glass bottles, cans and secondary packaging will also be available globally. 


Tsingtao Beer: Though China’s football team isn’t competing at the tournament, this design will ensure that its leading beer brand is competing at shelf. Given that its brand spirit is all about passion, dreaming and celebration, it seems a perfect fit for Brazil 2014

Tsingtao Beer


Cruzcampo Beer: Spanish beer brand Cruzcampo depicts the defending champions on its limited edition Brazil 2014 cans.

Cruzcampo Beer


Ozujsko Beer: Ožujsko beer is an official sponsor of the Croation National team for Brazil 2014. They’ve gotten behind their team with this design

Ozujsko Beer

Heineken Beer: No prizes for guessing who Heineken are supporting here. The design is a colourful celebration of heritage and nationality. 

Heineken Beer


Brahma Cans: The largest beer brand in Brazil, launched 12 different beer cans. Each aluminium can is imprinted at the front with an impression of a particular stadium and at the back with a typical post-card attraction of that city.


140301-brahma-latas-costas-cidades-sede-w540-100dpi (1)

Harbin Beer: Harbin Beer has launched a series of ultra-short ‘football-themed’ TV spots leveraging Anheuser-Busch InBev’s World Cup sponsorship rights. Harbin is China’s oldest beer brand and along with premium positioned Budweiser is one of two core AB InBev’s brands in China, the world’s largest beer market.



Brahma Beer: Anheuser-Busch InBev is to launch a limited edition of its popular Brahma beer made from barley grown on a football pitch where Brazil’s World Cup teams have trained for decades.


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