Beer Review: Bira 91 Strong, High Intensity Wheat Beer

Bira took the market by storm this summer with the launch of strong beer, they couldn’t have stayed away from this category for long after all the real bottle beer market in India is from Strong beer, some reports suggest strong beer accounts for more than 83% of all beer sold in India.

I couldn’t have waited for a long to taste this beer and it took a couple of weeks to really understand the whole flavor, I tried the 650ml bottle 500ml can, both of them on different occasions. At times, a glass bottle may throw in different flavors than of a beer in the can.

Bira’s official take on Bira 91 Strong, its is a “High-Intensity Wheat Beer”, this beer is a top fermented ale giving it a unique and rich taste that is low on bitterness, high on honey and caramel notes.

Ingrdients: Water, Barley Malt, Wheat, Sugar, Hops, Natural Flavours, Yeast, CO2, Rice, Ethyla Alcohol ( generated during the proces

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Brewer:  B9 Beverages
  • Appearance: Pale Yellow
  • Style:  Strong Ale
  • Taste: Full bodied fruity flavour
  • Alcoholic Content: 8% ABV
  • Price : Rs 160/- (GGN) / 650ml/500ml

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