Beer Review, Bira 91 White Ale, Imagined in India for the world

Only If I was given the opportunity to review the tag line, it would have been short and simply, brilliant.  Just loved the way it has been conceptualised, can attract whole lot people from across the world for a bottle of Bira.

Launched somewhere in March’15, Bira 91 certainly has won many hearts, I can vouch for it through my friends. I don’t think it had a smooth a journey, had some downs as well but hey, Rome was not built in a day.

Bira has lots of traction in the market now and that prompted me to just sit, relax and have a Bira 91. This wasn’t the first time I was trying but documentation requires a fresh approach, removing all the flavours and revisiting them again without any interference.

BIRA White Ale is a deliciously different wheat beer with low bitterness, a hint of spicy citrus with a soft finish – a refreshing all day craft beer, brewed with the finest natural ingredients mixed with barrels of passion. – Official Bira White Statement

Please Note: This bottle of Bira 91 White Ale is not for Indian market, its imported to India, hence becomes an international product.

Technical Details:

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Brewer:
  • Appearance: Pale Yellow
  • Style: Ale
  • Taste: The palate is neutral and light
  • Alcoholic Content: 4.2% ABV
  • Price : Rs 200/- (GGN) / 330ml

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