Beer Review, Tuborg Classic with Scotch Malts

This new offering from Carlsberg, Tuborg Classic hit wine shops in Gurgaon in mid of April, as reported earlier, it’s first premium strong beer with Scotch Malts.  Premier strong beer market is pretty much dominated by Elephant, another brand from Carlsberg and Miler Ace.

On the first glance at the bottle, you get an impression, why is Carlsberg calling Tuborg Classic a premier beer, there is nothing premier about it and sorry to pass on the verdict so early but I was disappointed, I expected to be on par with Elephant.  You absolutely get no taste at all, it’s simply an influx of spirits bottled in disguise of beer.

Especially brewed for the Indian palate, Tuborg Classic is a rich tasting strong beer that offers the new generation of beer lovers a differentiated product. It is the perfect combination of strong and smooth. Superior quality scotch malts give the beer a well-rounded taste making the drinking experience easy and smooth. – Reported in Press

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Brewer: Carlsberg
  • Appearance: Pale Yellow
  • Style: lager
  • Taste: Nothing significant
  • Alcoholic Content: 8% ABV
  • Ingredients: Water, Malt & Hops
  • Price : Rs 130/- (GGN) / 650ml

Beer Review: Tuborg Classic with Scotch Malts
  • Appearance
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Mouthfeel


Total wastage for a brand, it’s Tuborg strong in a new package. I can’t feel anything about Scotch Malts, what’s that please?

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