Brewery Review: Good Earth The Brewery, Sec 50, Gurgaon

Probably may not be the best experience you can think off, an ordinary brewery with an average experience, limited beer option. We are equally getting tired of same décor across majority of the breweries, we need a change, they all look and taste the same.

Ambiance: Not too spacious but ok, don’t plan to go with 15-20 friends and or host a big party, it will look cramped.  Average seating arrange, all attempts have been made to squeeze out every inch available.

Food & Beverages:  Decent enough but nothing special or may be I missed out something special if being pointed and at time, I am pre judgmental, decisions are taken basis this first dish served and it was favourite chakhna, peanut masala.  Beer available only in two varieties and very average, apart from the color nothing else was noticeable.

Customer Centricity: The staff was good but at times, I found couple of them having no clue at all. 

Infrastructure, Parking & Driveway: Managed by the mall authority, parking space is always available and parking fee caped to start is Rs 20, services provided by mall management.


Adolyga Rating - Goof Earth The Brewery
  • Ambiance
  • Food & Beverages
  • Customer Centricity
  • Value for Money
  • Infrastructure, Parking & Driveway


Average place, visit for drink and you would like to spend couple of hours around.

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