Cyber hub social review, a perfect place to be with friends

Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.” Man cannot live alone.

While Aristotle referred this for men, its equally true for women, we all are social animal and a social animal needs a place to socialise thus we land in Cyber Hub Social, a perfectly balanced place to spend your evening with friends. Decked up for Gen X & Y, its a great place for everyone, irrespective of which generation you belong.

Image Source: Cyber Hub Social FB Page

I happen to visit Cyber Hub Social on a weekday, a table was booked in advance waiting period of 30 min -1 Hr and I was wondering why in this world an outlet is so busy on weekday. Once I entered, had no doubts on the wait time and buzz around social.

Image Source: Cyber Hub Social FB Page
Image Source: Cyber Hub Social FB Page

The front decor itself will make you drool over, completely nostalgic and something you cant ignore. I mean can you ignore an outlet with Lungi, Banian and Undees hanging around as decorative material, I simply loved it!

Once you enter, the passage itself takes you straight to the lanes of old town, chaotic yet exciting and full of buzz. It resembles small middle class home from 90’s, cramped seating places but with a strong feeling of togetherness, I guess they have 6-8 different such rooms. You further move ahead and get a view of a big conference call from a government organisation, I am pretty convinced, you will see similar setup in government offices these days as well. Old fashioned tube lights, a big centre table and chair with base & back support amicably woven in plastic threads.

The moment you step inside, towards the main bar counter, you get it’s a pub otherwise you are visiting my home in 90’s. The by lanes which takes you towards the bar counter is little tricky though, hope it has been assessed to be safe for movement of crowd in an untoward incident.

Ambience: Tired of reading post on social media around only 70,80,90 would remember this, I would question my observation above and make it simple, everyone will love it. I think its best in class architecture design with Indianism at heart. Just the right ambience you need to spend time with your friends over beer or sugarcane juice :-), I would refrain on commenting anything on DJ’s/music, a good place to hangout with decent lighting and exposure, extremely vibrant to make you feel alive.

Image Source: Cyber Hub Social FB Page

Customer Centricity:  It’s good and at par with any decent pubs or restaurants in cyber hub, that’s the benchmark I have taken for this review. Our wait time could have been handled effectively, I don’t want to chase people to get a seat, and the responsibility must be with the staff.  I liked the service though, it was quick and food served was very clean from presentation point of view as well.

Staff can be more polite in saying no but I understand in a situation at times patrons are, you need to assertive, staff must ensure the rule of law is followed. Overall you felt welcomed!

Food & Beverages:  I liked it and probably it’s because of my love for street food, they have got it right and the serving is equally good (portion size). Regular chakhna with moongfalee (peanuts) and chana would cost you Rs 90/- + taxes, I mean that’s a good deal. I ended having far too many snacks and didn’t even think twice on why I ordered it.

Only first page of the exhaustive menu they have

Beer has been priced decently, nothing fancy, a pitcher of Bira costs around 950+ taxes but a regular pint was cheaper and we gladly settled with that. A teetotaller friend of mine opted for sugar juice and we loved the fact it was prepared right in front of us and that’s jolly good.

It isn’t the picture quality, that’s the way its setup, little rustic and old school.

Value for Money:  Absolutely yes, given the ambience and experience you get in Social, I would term it best in class on value for money. They had clearly called out  10% service charges , to avoid any disputes, government has gifted this favourite topic of conversations with food outlets.

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  • Value for Money


You wont regret visiting this place, just the right ambience to spend quality time with friends. The setup is nostalgic and they have done justice to it, no patchy work, well thought through designed place.

Grab your beer and travel through the memory lane!

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