DigiLock App Review & Applicability

DigiLock App – Free, Secure, Fast and Super Useful

If I have to term in it few words, it would be, “must have app” and the applicability goes beyond documents getting available online.

My personal experience:

The app will ask for your Aadhaar and Mobile No. to start with and rest everything else is seamless. After getting Aadhar verified, I went on to add other documents, depending on agencies/parties who have partnered with DidgiLokcer

I was able to add car insurance through Bajaj & ICICI in a seamless manner, the addition of my car’s registration details was the real but it went seamlessly. Considering the access to car registration asks for 3 sets of data, I wasn’t too sure of it to work, but it was, one attempt and I have RC in the Digi Locker.

What’s missing – The app must one two levels of authentication since it has personal information. Anybody with access to your phone, can all the details without any hassle

How can I get a DigiLocker account?

Signing up for DigiLocker is easy – all you need is your mobile number.

  • Your mobile number will be authenticated by sending an OTP (one-time password) followed by selecting a username & password. This will create your DigiLocker account.
  • After your DigiLocker account is successfully created, you can voluntarily provide your Aadhaar number (issued by UIDAI) to avail additional services.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated 10MB free personal storage space, linked to each resident’s Aadhaar, to securely store e-documents and to store URI link of e-documents for accessing them directly from the repositories.
  • Sharing of secured e-documents with requesters.
  • Currently accessible via web portal, will be made accessible through mobile application also.
  • Integrated e-Sign service to digitally sign documents (refer e-Sign Brochure).
DigiLock App Review
  • Applicability
  • Stability
  • Usability


Must have app, with driving license integration, it becomes extremely useful. 

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