Digital Payment App Simpl is good but do you really need it?

I was always keen to try to payment through Simpl but never found a purpose to do it, still haven’t found a purpose but used it anyways. This can be useful in situation where are running out of cash and need credit for few days. 

This app wont replace or will fit in the requirements of regular digital wallet users. Simpl ways of operating can be useful in certain situations, they offer easy credit. 

To start with Simpl gives you a credit of  Rs 2000 / practically for a period of 15 days, they have billing cycle every 15 days which is fixed. All your transactions between 1st and 15th are added into one bill, which is generated on the 15th. All transactions made between 16th and 30th/31st are added into one bill, which is generated 30 or 31st.

Simpl as digital payment option is available on some of the popular service providers but not of at the same reach of what other wallet based apps reached. To conclude, use it for small credits and short duration.

For the first time users, you can expect form Simpl customer care, I found it very useful. The representative helped me understand the whole process and offered more explanation, gave me an assure on sense of ownership. 

If for some reasons you are unable to pay on the due date, Simpl will charge you a late fee, total amount of Rs 2000 can have a late fee of Rs 120 (Inc GST).

Late Fee Slabs (Inclusive of GST): Bill amount (0 to 100): Fine of Rs 11.8, Bill amount (100 to 250): Fine of Rs 29.5, Bill amount (250 to 500): Fine of Rs 59, Bill amount (more than 500): Fine of Rs 118  (source: 

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