FasTag experience, it’s here to stay and for good

Lots of news floating around on social media on FasTag, this is a change and all the changes have its impact, on long term will have significant impact.

I travelled between 15-17 Dec on Delhi to Bikaner highway and had a very positive experience with FasTag, some niggling issues for sure. Few pointers below:

  1. I crossed 4 tolls where FasTag was applicable and at least on 2 of them, its was smooth and one I had to move my vehicle couple of times to get it scanned but it did work
  2. My FasTag is through Paytm, it does not sync on real time. I was struggling to find how much balance I had left or how much I was charged, no notification at all
  3. Majority of toll plazas in Rajasthan, did not accept FasTag at all, absolutely no reference to it as well. A curious question from you, will have a curious answer and I am hoping it gets implemented pan India.

Over a period of time, the technology is going to be fine-tuned and I can dream of breezing through the toll plazas. 

Here is what you can do and support:

  1. Have patience, the technology is working, we are moving in right direction
  2. Ensure your windscreen is clean, gets easy for system to scan
  3. Keep some buffer in your FasTag account, people are getting as real time data sync is not happening and we enter in lane with insufficient fund
  4. Cooperate with the toll plaza employees, they are happy to help if it doesn’t work, give your feedback, let the government know about it.

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