Foster's Strong Gets a Makeover in India

Foster's has re-named its existing Foster's Strong variant as Foster's Gold.
Foster’s has re-named its existing Foster’s Strong variant as Foster’s Gold.

On May 9th we had shared information, Sabmiller India to Re-Launch Foster’s in India, the new branding is out in market now. We had the opportunity to look at this repackaged product last weekend, Foster’s has re-named its existing Foster’s Strong variant as Foster’s Gold.

As part of the repositioning of the Foster’s brand, the company is introducing various changes, including new thermo- chromatic packaging and change in names of various brands targeting to tap ‘refreshment category’ consumers reported ET.

Elaborating on the changes being effected, Afzali (SABMiller India Marketing Director) said: “We are introducing thermo-chromatic packaging for both bottles and, for the first time in India, thermo-chromatic cans, a new taste for our brews of both Foster’s Lager and Foster’s Gold along with the introduction of an effective extra-cold chain.”

Foster’s® Lager is a uniquely Australian beer, brewed with the finest sun-dried malted barley, the purest water, and Foster’s® own specially bred ‘Pride of Ringwood’ hops imported directly from Australia to give the beer an authentic flavor, the Foster’s website claims.

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