Godfather – Old Beer in New Bottle with Pull Over Cap

This is one beer which gives you a high with the name itself; Godfather, you get reminded of The Godfather by Mario Puzo. Anyways, it has got nothing to do with the novel or movie. Godfather Beer is predominately available in North India and it’s quite popular in Strong Beer section. Brewed by Devans Modern Breweries Limited and its available in three varieties; Godfather Lite, Godfather Lager and Godfather Strong.


So what caught our attention, the new design? The basic design and color has changed but Devans have tried to make it look little classier and yes with Pull over Cap, it’s trying to create a space.


No one is complaining about the new look, we all love change but Devans could have justfied the Pull Over Cap with little more investment.  Its painfull to pull over, you cant apply the same effort which you might, when pulling off Tuborg cap.  Quality of the pull over cap really needs to be imporoved.

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5 thoughts on “Godfather – Old Beer in New Bottle with Pull Over Cap

  1. I have tried this. You have to read on the cap, though the text is painfully small. It says you need to pull the ring towards yourself first and then pull up. It opens rather smoothly then, even more smoothly than Tuborg!!

  2. The new design and the new bottle is neat and classy. I have always loved Godfather as a brand and have tried the new pullcap. The cap opens real smooth. The only thing you need to do is pull the ring towards you and then pull up. You got to try this beer!

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