India gets its first Craft Beer Festival

M.C.B.C and now that’s something  really interesting and gets the required attention, MCBC is Maharashtra Craft Beer Collective, an initiative by Pune based Oliver Schauf, brewmaster and co-founder of Doolally.He is joining hands with  Irish Village and Mumbai’s Gateway Brewing Company to form a kind of Maharashtra Craft Beer Collective and for the first time have a craft beer festival.



Oliver Schauf, brewmaster and co-founder of Doolally, says, “We want to create a strong community of craft brewers and craft beer drinkers in Pune. After all, it is the birthplace of microbreweries in India.” Source:TOI

With more than eight styles of handcrafted beer on tap, the trio is hopeful that the long weekend following Independence Day (August 16 and 17) will lead to increased footfall. The average Puneite is more travelled, connected and consequently far more ‘clued in’ to global trends. The idea of a ‘better beer’ caters exactly to this demand, feel the founders at Doolally. 

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