Is The World Falling Short of Bourbon Whisky ?


Yes, if we believe the recent reports published in several online website and confirmed by Buffalo Trace, we’re drinking whisk(e)y specially bourbon faster than distillers can make more.

“We’re making more bourbon every day. In fact, we’re distilling more than we have in last 40 years,” said Harlen Wheatley, master distiller. “Still, it’s hard to keep up. Although we have more bourbon than last year when we first announced the rolling blackouts, we’re still short and there is no way to predict when supply will catch up with demand.” The Buffalo Trace said in an press release. 

Despite the increase in distillation over the past few years, bourbon demand still outpaces supply. The overall bourbon category is experiencing 5% growth, but premium  brands are up nearly 20% from last year. Bourbon must be matured in new oak barrels and
Buffalo Trace ages many of its barrels for eight to ten years, and some over two decades. That’s a long time to wait for a bottle of bourbon. Not to mention, with the amount of  bourbon lost to evaporation over time, barrels are half empty after ten years. The increase in  sales, coupled with the aging process and evaporation loss, leads to a shortage with no end in sight.


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