Milkbasket App & Service Review, Solving Real Life Problems of Every Household

One fine day I woke and rushed to get milk and the first thing I hear from the local Kirana shop owner, we are closing and my immediate question, will someone else open his shop here? and he had no clue.

The earth beneath my feet started to shake, yes, I am making this up but the sheer trouble of hunting milk every morning will drive me crazy. I stay in a locality which is still not densely populated hence very limited alternatives for daily needs.

I do have several other options, pick up my bike every morning and fetch milk or speak to a local milk supplier and I see problems in both the options.

My morning tea is my necessity the moment I wake up and I can’t signup for the daily supply of milk from the local milkman, it all depends on how much I have consumed.  Dealing with milk problem can be the mental stress of different nature and I wanted to a solution for it as soon as possible, here comes the MilkBasket. Having seen the Milkbasket pamphlets (my newspaper came wrapped in it at times) couple of time but never really bothered to use it but with this real world problem, I started looking for the solution. The man needs his early morning tea!

I had seen milkbasket pamphlets (my newspaper came wrapped in it at times) couple of time but never really bothered to use it but with this real world problem, I started looking for the solution. The man needs his early morning tea!

Milkbasket app was downloaded and we were happy to go, first time I have used a recharge concept and I can understand the business model behind it. I was asked for Pay Rs 500/-, it did raise few eyebrows, can I really commit Rs 500/- for a new service but I had to take my chances. The app was easy to download and items were categorized properly, easy to navigate.  I had to look for nothing else but just my milk, after a browsing for a couple of seconds, figured the whole concept and the process. I had to simply recharge my account and add items to cart, it gets delivered before 7 A.M.

A deal was cracked, I have my milk and Milkbasket has a new customer :-). I am a regular customer now and I must confess becoming a loyal customer. We get everything before 7 AM without any disturbance, I do have doubts on items being picked by someone else in an open residential area since I stay in society, its placed near my door and very much safe.

A couple of other worthy things I noticed, the variety and collection are awesome, I simply loved the options available under milk especially including farm fresh milk and that has become my favorite. Also loved the fact they are environment conscious, they would request carry bag to be returned and I am doing that happily.  It all started with milk and now I have started to order other items as well, that’s how you win a customer. If on the first attempt my order was late, I would never use it again and that’s it’s important to meet your target at every single instance so that it does not become a surprise experience, it has to be a consistent experience.

As a matter of fact, Milkbasket has everything available now, your grocery needs to your personal needs and it all gets delivered before 7 A.M. I may soon try out their breakfast, must be ordered before 10 P.M for before 7 AM delivery next day and rest other items by 11 P.M, just love the concept.


  • Manage your expense: Keep a tab on your daily expenses and also a consolidated view of spendings over the last week or month.
  • Set vacation time offs: Off for a vacation? Just set the vacation start and end dates and we won’t deliver on those dates
  • Create repeat orders: Like to buy butter every week? Or ketchup only once a month? Set your orders to repeat only when you need them
  • Daily deliveries: We come to your doorstep every morning, early morning – so you always get the deliveries within the comfort of your home.

Milkbasket is a solution for issues that we, as residents of societies in Gurgaon/NCR, have been facing for years. This is our way of making life easy for you – one Milkbasket at a time.
An initiative by residents of Orchid Petals and Vatika City

Finally, we have an app which indeed is solving a real life problem, I am very certain about it.  I don’t see any improvement opportunity at this stage, maybe after continuous usage, I might observe, how about getting the newspaper delivered along with milk :-). The Man is happy, he is getting is his early morning tea without any hiccups.

Adolyga Rating: Milkbast
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