Molson launches premium beer King Cobra in West Bengal


West Bengal residents rejoice, King Cobra is here. Molson Coors Cobra India on Wednesday launched its premium beer King Cobra in West Bengal. In Aug’13, the company had rolled out its plan expand the brewing capacity in Bihar plant and further wanted to expand their presence in Punjab, Haryana and West Bengal.

In a statement, the company said this summer the beer would be available in key cities in the State in 650 ml bottles and 500 ml cans.

King Cobra uses the same quality ingredients that made Cobra Premium so popular. The difference is the process in which we brew it. King Cobra is one of the popular beer brands in strong segment with alcoholic strength of 7.5% V/V.

Cobra Beer was launched on 15th March 2002, and Cobra has been exported back to India since then, initially from the UK. Cobra’s marketing focus was on brand building and educating the Indian consumer about Cobra beer.

Molson Coors Cobra India is the Joint Venture between Molson Coors of the US & Cobra Indian Beer Pvt. Ltd. Company brewsCobra Premium, King Cobra, and Iceberg 9000 from brewery located in Bihar..

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