Mysterious Tennent’s Lager Machine Created to Test Banter Levels in Glasgow


GLASGOW, Scotland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With thousands set to visit for the Commonwealth Games over the coming weeks, Glasgow has been getting ready to showcase its best bits to the rest of the world, from cultural events, to shopping and nightlife.

But now, a cheeky innovation by Tennent’s Lager has been created to highlight arguably the city’s finest quality; its banter.

Looking on first sight like a hi-tech water cooler, inside the mysterious contraption lies a secret, waiting to be discovered by curious passers-by. For those that delve deeper, the 6ft foot high machine will reveal itself as a magical voice-activated device, created to test and reward the patter quality of visitors.


The interactive machine will converse with the public, judging whether those who participate meet Glasgow’s high banter standards. If they are hesitant and serious i.e. in local terms “their patter is watter,” then that’s what they’ll get – a glass of water.

“Our water cooler was created to quite literally to be a talking point for the city,” says Jane Cannon, (spokeswoman for Tennent’s Lager) “We wanted to introduce international visitors to the real spirit of Glasgow; lots of chat, lots of humour and never too serious. The cooler is a great way for visitors to discover the concept of banter and for locals to brush up on their chat.

As part of its conversations, the cooler will also ask participants to attempt Scottish accents and sayings such as: ‘I’ll have a pint big man’. Locals will find themselves having to impress in other ways such as a rendition of song by a certain Scottish duo or a quick Highland Jig. Stationed at Glasgow Airport initially, the cooler will then be available to try in bars throughout the city, including: Dram, Clockwork and The Raven. Source

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