Peachtree furniture store review, elegant products and very effective service

I am a consumer and I consume everything, whatever comes my way and it does necessarily means I need to pay for it. Not all the store or outlet operators know that the people doing window shopping are actually consuming  their products, they are creating memories and these memories will translate into revenue.  Its always the experience which sales and generates higher revenue, rarely  the product.

While this my sound little philosophical, its true, I will focus my review today on product and services I experienced, was indeed a consumer who paid for it.  A regular hunt of furniture for our new lead to JMD Regent mall, Gurugram, I think they have best stores for furniture in luxury lifestyles segment.  Usual window shopping was in progress and eventually we ended in Peachtree store and its the experience we bought, not the product.

Space and Setup: It’s critical for store to utilise their space effectively, not just to promote all their product but strategically help consumers experience it. I think me and my wife fell in love with the store, our movement across the store was smooth, everything placed in manner, that appealed to us.  I don’t think they huge space but placement of their products was very effective, I could experience well decorated home with the sales/billing counter at the corner.

I cant digest the face of seeing  a billing counter as soon as I enter a store, it glares at me to pay and I get detached, I am money minded and hold it very closely 🙂

The moment we entered in Peachtree store, I was exposed to vibrant color and elegant furniture well placed and definitely not in a straight line, its soothing to your eyes and touches your senses. Utilisation of was space was amicable and I could move from one to other in couple of minutes and in the process, experience it.

Product Quality: They look sturdy and it comes with a strong assures of service by Peachtree, they would own all repair and ensure repair matches the original setup. With furniture, at times its extremely difficult to get the repair worked aligned with original product. Product quality also can’t be assessed in short span of time, these products.i.e. furniture must be assessed over time.   My first experience, I am satisfied and happy customer.

Customer Experience: Customer experience would typically have tow stages, pre sales and post sales and third element is the experience a company provides for out of warranty products. Usually organisation will crack pre sales experience, post sales is tricky and post warranty experience is extremely difficult.

Sales team at the store was awesome and let me tell you, I am very critical on this aspect. They knew what they were selling and what consumer want, the discount pricing on their tip, no calculator required and they assured to give a pleasurable ownership experience, I was done deal.  My son, being 6 year old had his own inquisitiveness, he landed on bed and bed cover on him, he was pretending to sleep, he was sport, don’t think stores would like this and I would also not prefer that. Team at peachtree maintained their calmness and I managed to get him down, I think this earned my attention.

Cant complain on the post sales either, the delivery was delayed and I was informed well advance about it. I did raise concern over lack of communication in initial stage but they manged to get it right. The contact provided for post sales was actually working, people were picking phone and responding my queries diligently.

I also need to mention how they handled a problem, a chair delivered had a rubber missing on of its leg and it was brought to the attention of store and the carpenter, in two days, the carpenter came back and get it fixed, I didn’t have had to follow.

Value of Money: Probably yes, why probably because I got hefty discount on the MRP and I understand these discounts come through in different shapes and sizes. Few items I did find were overpriced, e.g. table cloths for dinning, it was costly. The sofa and coffee table we bought was priced at par and we did get an exchange bonus. Couple of other items we saw were priced at prevailing market rates.  Given a chance or a need, I would love to buy couple of other things from the store. Didn’t I tell you, my wife already has a list and I am just avoiding it 🙂

Hope you like this personalised review or rather experience sharing, do comment and share if it gets your attention and don’t forget to share your experience, rate this store on the scale 1 to 5, 5 being the best.

Note: Images used are only for representation, its not from the store.

Gurugram Peachtree Furniture Store Review
  • Space and Setup
  • Product Quality
  • Customer Experience
  • Value for Money


A fine to place for furniture needs, if you have a taste for modern and elegant with a touch of abstract, peachtree is the solution for you.

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  1. Poor quality of furniture supplied, worst experience. I had bought bed this month ( Augest ) & after assembled with in two days , I had faced lots of problem like the ply is bent ETC.

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