Restaurant Review: The Calorie Kitchen, when you want to eat out but worried about calories, the place to be

It happens with me every weekend, I cant resists the temptation to eat out, mankind is not made to only eat from his own kitchen, everyone deserves a rest, including your kitchen.

Over the weekend, I decided to challenge my temptation but I couldn’t so we both decided ( mind & body) to look for middle ground and The Calorie Kitchen happened.  The out has unique location, one outside the, in a small canopy in the premises of Good Earth Mall and the main outlet is in Bombiso Gym.

Ambiance: I wouldn’t approve it for a regular dining or a casual eating outlet, from the small outlet you can eat sit and enjoy it in open but wont recommend eating inside gym, quite distraction and it should be left only with gym goers.

Food & Beverages: We have been impressed, the food is indeed healthy. Whatever you eat, will you get earthen feeling, no too much salt or sugar, absolutely fine for a quick munch. We had order chicken satay, absolutely on the spot for a healthy food, very limited or negligible presence of oil.  Along with food, we had ordered Fruit Bowl and a shake, stupid of me to forget the name but there just on mark!


Customer Centricity:  Yes, loved it. The staff serving at the counter were very humble and polite, showed a lot of maturity in service. Service was slightly delayed but I wont mind considering we were informed, everything is prepared fresh, hence expected delays.

Value for Money:  Costly on your pocket but worth, occasional eating is recommended when you simply cant resist eating out.

Infrastructure, Parking & Driveway:  Parking is in the mall and majority of the time, its’s available but finding the main The Calorie Kitchen eating are is tricky. We were guided by the representative from the small outlet in person.

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Adolyga Rating - The Calorie Kitchen
  • Ambiance
  • Food & Beverages
  • Customer Centricity
  • Value for Money
  • Infrastructure, Parking & Driveway


Visit for a lean diet and if you are working out at the gym, its the best food outlet for you!

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