Restaurant Review (Home Delivery): Chakkhna, Sohna Road

Great experience with Chakkhna yesterday. After Navratra, I was eager to eat something non vegetarian and after going through multiple listings on Zomato food order, we zeroed it down to Chakkhna.

Food & Beverages: Absolutely loved it, it was served warm and that’s the key in home delivery. I had ordered Mutton Desi Gheewala (Chef’s Special) and it was amazing, or probably it was because I was eating mutton after a gap :-). Serving size was equally and you could feel pure ghee in it, tasted amazing. Loved the way, onion was packed and sprinkled with lemon and red  chill, it was unique other in food delivery, onion is simply dumped. Presence of dry fruits in mutton was resulting into divergent flavours, spiciness from Garam Masala and sweetness from cashew. Chef must be appreciated for this delicacy, top star.
Along with mutton, had also placed order Butter Nan and it was indeed served warm, bread was of good quality, could easily melt in mouth. We had also ordered Dahi Ke Sholey but wife didn’t let me even touch it hence cant comment on it 🙁
Value for Money:– Good, not too high or low. I would say decent pricing for product delivered.  Mutton Desi Gheewala (Chef’s Special) costed me Rs 265/- and than we had 15% discount, not cheap for indeed value for money. They would also charge you for packing and that piece I didn’t like, it wasn’t any special packaging.  You took back the 15% discount from through delivery and packaging cost 🙂
Delivery & Packaging: Highly impressed, packaging was normal and for sure, no spill overs in transit. I was committed 90 min but got the food in approx 50 min and that was icing on cake.  

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I am certainly going to be repeat customer, my first experience was extremely pleasant.

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