Restaurant Review – Hotel Highway King Shahpur

A start of another road trip but this time in an unfavorable condition, it would be against common sense to be a traveler in Rajasthan during summer, the sun god is always staring at you.  Nonetheless, if I have to travel then I will travel. Covering Jaipur, Udaipur &  Kumbhalgarh in this trip.

We expected to leave around 6 AM and actually left at 8 AM, nothing new,  considering it was Jaipur, we didn’t panic. It could get beyond 6 hours only if you are the unluckiest person on earth that day.  Just one small top and I knew where was I heading it, that has been my favorite spot during my road trips to Jaipur, Hotel Highway King, Shahpura.

Image: Hotel Highway King
Image: Hotel Highway King

Food & Beverage: Absolutely anything & everything under the sun and I am not joking, ok, need to calm down. All regular snacks ( North India, Chinese, South Indian, Fast Food) available and served hot. Beverage again, you will get everything, especially in summer there fridge is loaded with sikanjee, chaach & lassi!

My favorite is Poori Sabjee with Tea, I can travel only for it, although I won’t mind the parathas with white makhan as well, the gobhee paratha would simply lift your mood.

Customer Centricity: They have raised the bar, keen observer of this service from the last couple of years and it’s been consistent and that’s the key to success.  You have to drastically change things to get noticed, deliver a consistent service, no surprise and customer loyalty is yours.  The biggest difference is how professional the staff looks now, it so near and do notice that big logo on the shirt. Someone is really thinking big.

Value for Money:  Yes, no doubt, standard market cost and I would say you get more for what you pay, food is always served hot and fresh.

Location, Infrastructure & Parking:  You are 105 KM’s away from Jaipur from this location, just the perfect midway point.  Its right on the highway with more than enough parking space, you get parking assistant as well. Infrastructure is quite old but they still well maintained and with retail outlets like Reebok & Adidas in the premises its indeed a good break. Now you also famous Kaventers and plenty of other desert options along with paan shop.  If you loved those little games from the local fair, you will find it here, nice place to rejuvenate for the road ahead.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Customer Centrcity
  • Value for Money
  • Location, Infrastructure & Parking


If you are on Delhi – Jaipur highway, don’t miss this stopover, you will enjoy it.

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