Restaurant Review: Mediumwelldone, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

It was my birthday and I don’t expect it to special, yes, I the guy people call boring. Anyways, I had to go out after immense pressure from family and friends,  was looking for a place closer to our stay to avoid a Friday evening traffic. South Point Mall was picked up as our go to place, with the new underground road, the traffic was expected to be low and it really was.

My first option was to visit Phantom Brewery but they won’t allow kids, disappointing but we moved ahead and landed in Mediumwelldone, I had seen the restaurant on numerous occasions but never had the opportunity to try. The restaurant has two segments for guests separated by a common gallery and that is quite uncommon, on one of the sides of the gallery you have covered dining place and on another side, open space and it looks more attractive because of the decor. The place is quite silent and buzzing with foreigners, I guess because of steaks, in fact, the entire mall is focused on Japanese cuisine & food, a favorite place for Japanese and I assume it.

Ambiance:  Not so lively place to hang out but a good place to eat some fine food. The covered dining space on the other side gallery is ok but the open space is good, it will be an awesome to have a couple of beers during day time in winters. In summers you have series of problems with such places, they have provisioned for big fans but temperature can be nasty unless you really want to feel it with a chilled beer. Mosquitoes in summer is another big challenge, no matter how hard you try, it’s going to ruin your experience and that’s a huge risk in such open spaces, they do use coils but you know how tough these mosquitoes are.

Customer Centricity: Nothing exceptional but a fair deal, everyone was active and keen to listen,  staff was very prompt with response. The food served was hot and well within desired time. The only challenge is that gallery, you don’t like people peeking on your plates and on that particularly day, it was IPL on TV and people were watching from the gallery, I felt intruded, the restaurant should something about it.

Food & Beverages: It’s all about steak and they advertise it that way. I don’t eat beef and neither my friends who visited along, so we had to try something different and was equally good. We order Nachos, Pizza for kids, Garlic bread, pasta and eventually I fell for Rack of Lamb.  Food is awesome, will meet you palette expectations. Particular I wanted to mention Pack of Lamp, it was slow cooked and the meat was very tender reflected their expertise in steaks.


Value for Money:  On the higher side but the specialty it offers and type of guests they cater to, it is acceptable, a price must be paid for quality.  Rack of Lamb cost me around INR 700 but the portion size was adequate so didn’t mind the cost.

Infrastructure, Parking & Driveway: Adequate seating space and all the tables have a good distance, I am sure you won’t be rubbing shoulders with your fellow foodie counterpart. Parking is common, it;s in the mall hence no issue and the exciting part, parking only costs flat Rs 20/-, probably the cheapest in Gurgaon.

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A fine place to spend quality time will be a perfect place in winter with that soft sun over you.

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