Restaurant Review: Old Rao Hotel, Delhi Jaipur Highway, Dharuhera

I am 100% certain that majority of our readers know about this restaurant (Dhaba), its famous for all good reason and continues to be so and if you are a frequent traveler on Delhi-Jaipur highway, in all likely this may be your favorite destination.

I can claim to be a traveler on Delhi-Jaipur highway,  but not a frequent one, once in 6 months and Old Rao is not my favorite destination and that’s because of multiple reasons. I stay in Gurgaon and when you drive towards Jaipur, it’s on the right side, I would avoid taking a turn and on the return, I resist taking a stoppage when I am closer to home.

Last week it was different, I was coming from a long trip and had lots of time in hand hence decided to stop at Old Rao Dhaba for lunch, this was probably my second visit and I had a terrible experience.

Food & Beverage: Pretty exhaustive menu, whatever you wish for but off course it is recommended that you focus on north Indian dishes only, guaranteed better taste. The place also has multiple small outlets serving ice creams and street foods, the perfect place for foodie if you love Dhaba food.

Loved the way these glasses were stacked, immediate attention grabbers!
I loved yellow daal tadka, did I tell you it’s my favorite.

Rabri Faluda, just ok. Not everything served in mud glasses would turn amazing, it’s an add-on, you still need to get the base recipe right.

Customer Centricity: I had a terrible experience and personly believe, you can never expect customer centricity at the Old Roa hotel, its missing like it never exists. The owner has tried to make it look modern, each staff has their own dress code and they are quick but only to clear your plates and order food and I guess people don’t expect much. On my filing billing, instead of returning change, they are tried to push for a Rs 5 mint and I refused it. I wanted to raised as it’s against the ethics, it forced a sale. I was connected to the cashier and that person refuse to accept it has a mistake and I further told he is the ultimate authority.  I guess the success must have gone over his head, I came back heavily disappointed.  This is huge dhaba and they are trying to do a proxy sale and enforcing it to make it look legitimate.

Huge hall but its cramped, noise all around.
Huge hall but its cramped, noise all around.

Value for Money: Above average cost when compared with dhaba’s available on the highway, you will get better seating and noise free ambiance to eat your food at other places. You don’t really pay for an inconvenience.

Location, Infrastructure & Parking:  It’s right on the highway so no difficulty in finding it but the upkeep of the facility is worrisome, the toilet was stinking.  Decent parking area but since its located right in the market will be challenging if more than 50 vehicles are parked.

Old Rao New Toilet 🙂
Parking area, saving grace, they have parking assistant.
Old Rao Hotel, Delhi Jaipur Highway, Dharuhera
  • Food & Beverage
  • Customer Centricity
  • Value for Money
  • Location, Infrastructure & Parking


Avoid this place if you can, the Jaipur highway has far better options.

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