Sula Vineyards forays into the world of whisky, launches Eclipse whisky

Having successfully ventured into premium grape brandies with JANUS and J in 2016 and having won a Bronze medal for JANUS at the renowned ‘International Spirits Challenge 2016’,  Sula Vineyards, India’s leading wine producer, takes a step further into the world of spirits as they launch their first whisky – Eclipse

Eclipse is made from carefully selected grapes from Sula’s vineyards. The grape spirit is double distilled in small batches using traditional French ‘Limousine Oak Cask’ under the supervision of Sula’s master blender, Yogesh Mathur, resulting in a produce of a liquor of exceptional smoothness and character of dried fruit, spices and vanilla.

Eclipse comprises of Malt Scotch from Scotland, more precisely from Loch Lomond Distillery five year old peated malt spirit also goes in to the blend. Source:

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