The Glenlivet Releases Nadurra Oloroso, Guardian Exclusive



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End of April’14, The Glenlivet Releases Nadurra Oloroso, a Guardian Exclusive. The name Nàdurra – Gaelic for ‘natural’ – evokes the beauty and the purity of the Glen and the Distillery surroundings and is transferred to the spirit itself.

Nadurra OlorosoThe Nàdurra 16 Year Old has long been a favourite with whisky connoisseurs. Non chill-filtered and bottled and cask strength, The Whisky Advocate even called it The Glenlivet “with pizzazz”.

Nàdurra Oloroso is the newest addition to the Nàdurra family. Like all Nàdurra whiskies, it’s crafted in small batches, each unique but of equally high quality.

Made using traditional production methods Nàdurra Oloroso is a nod to the whiskies of our heritage. Once the new make spirit comes off the still, it’s placed into casks formerly used to make Oloroso Sherry sourced from the Jerez region of Spain.

These sherry casks have long been famed for imparting wonderfully rich, luxurious flavours of dried fruits and warm spices to single malt whisky, making them some of the most sought after casks used by whisky distillers.

This new addition to the range is the first time in living memory that a significant bottling of The Glenlivet has been matured solely in ex-sherry casks, so a real treat for the taste buds.

To maintain the purity of the product, Nàdurra whiskies are bottled without chill-filtration giving greater depth and impart a richer mouth feel. The Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso is bright gold in colour, it’s full of the aromas of dried fruit, like raisins and apricots as well as the gentle notes of cinnamon and liquorice.

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