The Puri, Dana Methee Sabzee & Kesar Kulfi at Choto Motu Joshi – Bikaner

This was probably my 8th or 9th visit to Bikaner and  with every visits I have tried to be at new place. The city is amazing, full of culture at every corner, every wall has a story to tell.

This time I was hunting some authentic food and I was directed to this place called “Coto Motu Joshi” shop, famous for Puri Sabjee and Kesar Kulfi. I had crossed this shop multiple times but never knew about it, yes, I am aloof at times. The actual shop just under hoarding serves only snacks and sweets, the small entry adjacent to the shop leads you to the eating outlet.

The ambience reminds you of a typical India Coffee House outlet, nothing really has changed, not even the cutlery. Look at properly synced plates below, my guess is, the location hasn’t changed since it started.

download (3)

After giving a good look at the outlet, ordered Puri & Dana Methi Sabjee, they also have the regular Sabjee to go along with Puri. The service not so quick but I realize it was because of puri, the Dana Methi sabjee was delivered instantly. While I couldn’t wait tfor  puri and this was stuff was looking truly amazing. The sabjee as expected was dark yellow and tastes little tangy, the  taste was little sour and bitter. The most interesting part was that small little mango pickle right in the center.

Finally the puri was served burning hot, straight from the pan. The irony is, I liked puri more than the sabjee…it was made from pure desi ghee and you could smell it.  This entire package didnt come cheap, the same Sabjee will cost Rs. 25/- and Purin Rs 5/- per peice. I ended up gobbling 4 Puri’s 🙂

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As per a Facebook friends recommendation, after Puri Sabjee it was time for Kesar Kulfi. Before I get painted as selfish, I decided not eat Kulfi there, got it the packed for home.

download (4)

It was tummy full day!

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