Tuborg Booster Strong – The Fruit Flavored Beer

Tuborg Booster StrongTuborg Booster Strong was launched in Kolkata in May’13, now available across India.  We finally get to taste it after 2 months of launch, to our believe, it did disappoint us and we didn’t expect anything else either. It’s primarily meant for people who don’t like beer but want to drink beer, confused?? so are we .

Across the world, flavored beer are primarily lunched with women drinkers in focus. Carlsberg didn’t really say, but this is the market it wants to attract in India. The game plan may be different here, as this is Strong Fruit Flavored Beer unlike the regular ones.


Tuborg Booster Strong

Tuborg Booster Strong offers the new generation of beer lovers a truly differentiated product,
especially brewed for the Indian palate. It addresses a consumer need of beer that is strong
yet smooth. It comes in an easy-to-grip special Tuborg bottle, with a unique easy-to-open pull
off cap. For the first time, a Tuborg variant is sporting a red label to signify a bold and distinct


If you further look at the design, Tuborg has come with plastic pull over cap, makes it more beer friendly and we welcome this change!


tuborg booster strong


  • Brewer : Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd
  • Country: Denmark
  • Style: Lager
  • ABV: Alcholic strength exceeding 8 %V/V
  • Serving Type: 650ml  Bottle
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Glassware: Beer Mug
  • Price: Rs. 120 /- for 650ml (NCR)

Tuborg Booster Strong


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