Whisky Review – Golfer’s Shot Barrel Aged Whisky

Golfer’s Short is  premium whisky  from the house of Alcobrew, launched in 2014, their exclusive offering in the premium liquor segment. We need to be very clear here, Indian premium liquor segment is completely different from global premium segment.

Tasting notes and other fine characteristics of Golfer’s Shot as described by the distiller .

Tasting & Serving: Golfer’s Shot is best tasted in a tulip-shaped glass which narrows at the top to allow the aromas to fully express themselves. Add a drop of water to the whisky to release the aromas and appreciate the full bouquet of a Golfer’s Shot.

Color: Warm-golden with a glint of amber, Nose: Complex aromas of dried fruits, spices and fudge, Mouth: Dark chocolate with flowery notes and just a hint of smoke, Finnish: Persistent and slightly smoky.

Whisky Review - Golfer's Shot Barrel Aged Whisky
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You cant really make out the difference between Golfer’s Shot or other brands available in premium liquor segment in India, they all taste the same with minute differences.

Golfer’s Shot does gives you s sense of aroma of oak cask but does not really makes its presence felt. Its smooth on palate and that’s what real is differentiator between premium segment and regular whisky available in Indian market, produced in India.

Packaging looks fine and goes with with Golf concept but little more should have been done on the bottle, bottle cap is really of poor quality.

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13 thoughts on “Whisky Review – Golfer’s Shot Barrel Aged Whisky

    1. I bought two halves of golfet shot whisky from Chandani Chowk on 25th May at about 8 pm. On consuming this, the next day I developed urine problem while my brother got his stomach upset with loose motions. Further, its taste is also not so wonderful as it is being claimed.

  1. I had Golfers shot a couple of weeks ago. After that I’m buying only this. Nothing else. It’s easy on the stomach, no hangover, excellent taste and mood.

  2. I am drinking golfers shot, and i totally disagree with all the reumors like stomach problem hangover taste & problem of urine…..
    It is a fine whisky……
    The thing that we should keep in mind with every brand of liquor is 3D
    D- dilution
    D- duration
    D- diet…..

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